Clones vs Replicas
I read that someone already cloned their dog two times! That means three dogs exactly the same...or not? I decided to choose one object I made and start 'cloning' it. I decided to make nine of them since cats have nine lives. I had only a few elements to play with, a very limited 'gene pool'! Two plates of perspex, cat cut-outs, breast prosthesis shapes from the net and LED's.

Limited 'Gene Pool'. 
I felt super excited as the 'cloning' progressed' and I think the images of the process may be better than the end result. Apparently one of the common effects of cloning is 'disappointment', since they never turn out quite the way you expected.
I loved to explore all the different options and combinations I had and had a hard time to make up my mind which ones would become permanent works. "Funcloning" is a word used for the idea of cloning humans for personal or public entertainment. Almost like making this installation ;-)))!
"Fun Cloning"
There were so many options and I had found it very difficult to choose which ones I would make into permanent objects. But it was fun to play around and when I glued them al together I felt the impact of my decision. There was no turning back. Imagine having to deal with making a life and maybe it wasn't quite such a good combo of genes.  "Fun cloning" is the term for cloning humans for personal or public entertainment. Sounds a bit like my project ;-))!
Boobilicious- a Mutation
And so I got a bit bored with making all the same Cats & Boobs- all nine of them. I started to make new objects from my limited 'gene pool'. The isolated elements deemed perfect for experimentation, but soon I will get fed up with all 'the same' and chuck the Cat & Boob leftovers into a box where I don't have to look at it anymore. That's the human thing to do, right? 
Detail of the Installation: Cats have Nine Lives- Clones vs Replicas

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