Cats Have Nine Lives- Clones versus Replicas. (2017)
We had 'Open day at the Vlampijp Ateliers' and apparently received 900 visitors! It almost felt like graduation again. I talked so much about my work. Apologies everyone who didn't get a word in. Than you all for visiting us. My cloning project is complete!! Two of the eight cloned Puss & Boobs are sold and from the 2nd of December four of these works will be shown and be for sale at the "Kunstliefde Gallery in Utrecht.
Everyone of the 45 participating artists made some nameless minis of their works for visitors to take home with them. The 8x8cm blocks were displayed 'on masse' in the entrance.
 I used 'luring' techniques, to draw spectators to the work: light, shape, colour, reflection , pattern, mystery, etc. The work initiated interesting comments and conversations about how we are changing our lives to connect and utilise the benefits of technology. 
Puss & Boobs VIII- The Last Clone. (2017)
Perspex, glue, LED's, wiring, USB plug and connector, resistors.

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