2017 Graduation Expo
Metal, welding rods, spray paint.

These works have been inspired by a book called "Homo Deus" by history professor Yuval Noah Harari who wrote a history of the future. The idea of existing and co-habitating with entities who outsmart us in intelligence and reasoning, while we still value our ability to experience emotions as the thing machines will never have, remains an important theme in my work. Our value as intelligent beings is losing its importance while the data we generate seems to become more important. We are algorithms! They are Silicon, We are Carbon.
Cats & Boobs II
I am not a Robot.
Perspex, glue, LED's, electric wire with connector.
One of the tests to assure that we are human is to use our ability to recognise a cat even though it might look like a dog or a wolf. This work is a reference to the difficulties a computer might  have in identifying pictures correctly.
Artificial Poetry
by Google Deep Mind
Perspex, glue, headphones, smart phone.
11000 unpublished books were imported into the Artificial Intelligence AI and it came up with strange poetry.
Telecathic Devices
Perspex, aluminium, electric wire, neon wire, LED's, batteries, insulation tape.
1600-2000mm x 200mm
Guides into a new era where consciousness becomes separated from intelligence, where new 'Religions' are replacing Humanism: 'Techno Liberalism' and 'Dataism'.
Carbon / Silicon
Perspex - 2x 1300x900x15mm
We are all algorithms, driven by our hormones and our evolutionary DNA. Are we sure that we are conscious, making decisions etc., or are we just data?
Where is Watson?
Perspex, glue- 500x250x350mm
Artificial Intelligence entities need no houses or food. They never sleep or complain. They need no time off or salaries or holiday bonuses. Perfect employees!
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