Do You Like It?
An experiment making sculptural objects with a fetishistic intention, trying to seduce the viewer into abandoning the fear of touching the art, even if only in the imagination. The objects were left standing all over in the Pastoe building, tempting all passers-by to examine them without the feeling that they were being watched.
Purple Mess
Fabric, thread, stuffing, wood, metal braces, elastic rope string- 210cmx75cm-
Do You Like It?
Wood, plastic netting, doorstops, paint, epoxy, metal braces, screws, canvas.
I made this for you
Canvas, paint- 1200x1500cm
Dog Constellation
Metal, trolley wheels, copper pipe, rubber tubing- 1650x1200cm
Cock a Doodle Doo
Paper, Tape- 1000x70x35cm

Trust your Gut
Metal- 2450x3500cm

The Shrimp
Plastic fabric, netting, stuffing, paint, thread- 1000x650cm
Fluff in Cage
Fabric, thread, metal, stuffing, latex fabric- 900x45cm
MDF wood- 1000x1000x1000

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